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Petroleum Coke Single Client Services

World Petroleum Coke Marketing Analyses 

Advisian continues to undertake studies concerning worldwide green and calcined petroleum coke markets. Particular areas of emphasis for various studies have included all major regions in the world. Specific objectives of these studies include: marketability and distribution of green and calcined petroleum coke production, contracting considerations, pricing forecasts and supply/demand forecasts.

Workshops and Seminars 

We have conducted numerous interactive workshops and seminars covering many aspects of the petroleum coke market including petcoke production drivers, petcoke quality parameters, industry uses of petcoke, petcoke price influencers, petcoke supply chain, and petcoke commercial practices. Additionally we have conducted workshops specific to the client’s industry and needs. Participants obtain knowledge and information to be used as tools in developing strategic business plans. 

Strategic Studies 

Representative projects include various studies within the calcining, refining, aluminum, paper, power, and chemical industries. Advisian has also conducted various single client studies including production economics, calciner operations forecasting, and industry and client industry presentations.

Project Feasibility Studies 

We have conducted numerous assignments both in North America and internationally, involving feasibility review and due diligence of industrial facilities, market studies and price forecasts, and project finance support as independent technical or market consultant for various petcoke-sourced projects. Individual companies, the financial community, and government agencies seek our expertise and industry knowledge. 

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Subscription Services

Petroleum Coke Quarterly 

Established in 1983, the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© is recognized as the authoritative source of objective analyses for the petroleum coke industry. The continuing service is widely used to support marketing, purchasing, and strategic decisions by domestic and international producers, marketers, traders, and end users of both green and calcined petroleum coke. Clients of the service control 75% of world calcining capacity, 65% of world refinery coking capacity, and 70% of the world's aluminum capacity.  

Our Monthly Reports focus on Refining Economics, Fuel Grade Petroleum Coke, Natural Gas and Coal, Environment, Calcined Petroleum Coke Markets, End User Markets, Transportation, and U.S. Petroleum Coke Trade. 

Our Quarterly Reports focus on the Energy Outlook, Petroleum Coke Production, the Petroleum Coke Markets, Prices, Inventories, Imports and Exports, and Transportation. 

Advisian’s news service via e-mail is available to all of our Petroleum Coke Quarterly subscribers. The email service offers two topics on which a subscriber may choose to focus: Fuel-Grade Petroleum Coke and Calcinable-Grade Petroleum Coke.

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Calcined Petroleum Coke Report 

To address issues facing the calcined petroleum coke industry, our Calcined Petroleum Coke Report is published at the end of the fourth quarter of each year and focuses on a detailed outlook for the calcined coke industry for the next four years. 

It provides and discusses CPC demand drivers,  Clients of this annual report receive Advisian’s latest analysis and conclusions on the calcined petroleum coke business and the outlook for the forthcoming 4-year period.  Key issues discussed in the calcined coke report include:

Supply/Demand Outlook for Calcined Coke

Anode-Grade Green Coke Availability

Anticipated New Calciner Projects

Primary Aluminum Production Growth

Aluminum Smelting Technology Update

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We have given numerous presentations concerning green petroleum coke (both fuel-grade calcinable-grade), calcined petroleum coke and coal tar pitch. Presentations are made both in conjunction with client studies or on a stand-alone basis. Additionally we have made presentations at domestic conferences, international conferences, and private industry meetings.

We realize that in today’s business environment it is advantageous to have quick access to information, leading to a competitive edge in this rapidly changing industry. We offer publications, archived reports, articles, presentations, charts and daily news stories via our website

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