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Petroleum Coke Quarterly
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Established in 1983, the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly is recognized as the authoritative source of objective analyses for the petroleum coke industry. The continuing service is widely used to support marketing, purchasing, and strategic decisions by domestic and international producers, marketers, traders, and end users of both green and calcined petroleum coke. Clients of the service control 75% of world calcining capacity, 65% of world refinery coking capacity, and 70% of the world's aluminum capacity. Outlined below are the basic features of the service. 

There are 16 reports issued annually, 12 monthly and 4 quarterly.

Monthly Reports Reports are issued mid-quarter and focus on the following basic market components:    

Refining Economics—Crude supply and products demand, prices, highlights, and outlook.    

Fuel-Grade Petroleum Coke—High sulfur and low sulfur price commentary, and supply/demand for multiple sectors and regions.    

Natural Gas—Prices and market news.    

Coal—Domestic and international coal prices and market news.    

World Steel—Industry news and global production by region and country.    

Environment—EU CO2 Allowances and an analysis on the EUA prices impact on petroleum coke prices.    

Calcined Petroleum Coke Markets—Commentary and prices.    

Aluminum Market Fundamentals—Industry news by region, prices, inventory, and production.    

Aluminum Market and Calcined Coke Market News—Developments in the global aluminum industry and its impacts on the calcined petroleum coke market.    

Transportation—Industry news and prevailing rates for inland United States barges and Baltic dry bulk ocean vessels.    

U.S. Petroleum Coke Trade—Values and volumes of U.S. imports and exports of fuel-grade and calcinable-grade green petcoke.

Quarterly Reports -Reports are issued mid-quarter and focus on the following basic market components:    

Energy Outlook—Advisian's statistical review of the refining sector    

Production—Includes a survey of each United States and European petroleum coke and calcined coke producer.    

Markets—Providing an overview of major petcoke market developments impacting the aluminum, refining, calcining, power, cement, and chemical industries    


Fuel-Grade - FOB US Gulf and West Coasts


Calcined Anode-Grade - FOB US Gulf and West Coasts and CIF Northwest Europe    

Inventories—At refineries and awaiting export from the US Gulf and West Coasts    

Imports & Exports—US receipts of fuel-grade and calcinable-grade petroleum cokes, and US shipments of green, calcined, and premium coke    

Transportation—Industry news and prevailing rates for inland United States barges and Baltic dry bulk ocean vessels. 

We realize that in today’s business environment it is advantageous to have quick access to information, leading to a competitive edge in this rapidly changing industry. We offer archived reports, articles, presentations, charts and news via our website

Petcokes.comThe following information is available only to PCQ subscribers.    

Petcoke News Updates—News releases pertaining to the petroleum coke industry.    

Reports—Quick access to the last three PCQ reports (monthly and quarterly) and current monthly Highlights.    

Data—Current petcoke prices, imports, exports, ocean freight rates, coking/refining economic indicators, commodity prices, and petroleum coke production.    

Document Library—We provide an archive of PCQ reports and highlights for the last 12 months and an archive of last three years of data for petcoke prices; ocean freight rates; MMBtu price comparison for petcoke, coal and natural gas; and economic indicators.    

Industry News—Refining (facilities with coking units), petroleum coke, end user markets, ocean freight, and economics. 

Advisian’s news service via e-mail is available to all of our Petroleum Coke Quarterly subscribers. We send e-mail messages of news releases pertaining to the petroleum coke industry to keep our clients informed as events happen.

The e-mail services offers two topics on which a subscriber may choose to focus:

Fuel-Grade Petroleum Coke—The largest consuming sector in volume in the petroleum coke industry is the one that utilizes fuel-grade petroleum coke. More than two-thirds of all petroleum coke produced in the world is mainly consumed in the cement industry, power generation sector, and the steel industry. We focus on events occurring in these market segments.

Calcined Petroleum Coke—The other side of the industry lies mainly within the anode-grade petroleum coke business, as all of this material is destined to the primary aluminum industry. Major events occurring in the aluminum sector, TiO2 industry, and needle coke business are tracked by this service.

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