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Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service
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The Calcined Petroleum Coke Report (CPC Report) has been upgraded to a bona fide Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service. The service includes a semi-annual report that is published twice a year in the form of a Summer Supplement, available in June, and a Winter Supplement, available in December. Clients, who subscribe to this service, receive Jacobs Consultancy's latest analysis and conclusions on the calcined coke market and the outlook for the forthcoming four-year period.

The important issues we cover include the availability of anode-grade green petroleum coke, the change in supply of existing calciner feedstocks, as well as potential new sources of green coke that will directly affect world calcining operations, calcined coke quality and availability.

In addition, we also examine new and upcoming calcining projects that are expected to be in operation during the reporting period. A review of planned projects, the likelihood of their implementation, and the possible scenarios that may arise if these projects are completed is also incorporated into the analyses.

Each semi-annual issue contains a supply/demand balance table with associated charts and commentary, which are updated and released twice each year; this is included as part of the client's subscription service.


Major topics include the following:

  • Supply/Demand Outlook for Calcined Coke

The outlook for the major suppliers of calcined coke as well as the status of all calcining facilities actively producing material is evaluated. The operating rates and production levels for calcining facilities around the world are also presented. All major demand sectors for calcined coke (aluminum, TiO2, etc.) are analyzed for the past five years. This is followed by an analysis of the calcined coke balance for the forthcoming three years.

  • Anode-Grade Green Coke Availability

The supply of green petroleum coke is trending towards diminishing availability from U.S. Gulf Coast refineries and increasing trade movements of calciner feedstocks from different parts of the world (e.g. China, Kuwait) to the U.S. Gulf Coast. The analyses covers the major issues that are facing calciners today as they strive to source adequate anode grade coke, and which historical sources may be at-risk as some refineries switch to the manufacture of fuel-grade petroleum coke.

  • Anticipated New Calciner Projects

The status of all the proposed and planned calcining plants that are scheduled to start up during the next several years and the impacts these new facilities may have on calcined coke deliveries to regional markets are analyzed.

  • Primary Aluminum Production Growth

The demand for calcined coke in the primary aluminum industry accounts for more than 75% of overall calcined coke needs.  The projections for growth in aluminum production are a critical component in the calcined coke supply/demand picture. Our outlook of the aluminum production growth pattern for the next three years and its effect on calcined coke requirements is provided as part of the Calcined Petroleum Coke (CPC)  Subscription Service.

The Carbon Blast

As part of our continuing innovative efforts to provide our clients with the very best market intelligence and analytical expertise, we introduced our newest CPC Subscription Service product offering – the Carbon Blast.

The Carbon Blast is a new, fresh communicative tool that allows subscribers of the CPC Subscription Service to receive relevant and timely information on the global CPC industry, including CPC market analyses, news, and intelligence.

By means of this new platform we BLAST subscribers on a frequent basis with:

  • CPC market highlights
  • Technical Analyses on hot topics
  • Pertinent News
  • Market updates
  • Supply-Demand Highlights
  • And much more.

We utilize commentary, charts, and tables within each BLAST to convey pertinent information about the calcined coke industry to our clients, and then point our subscribers directly to our interactive website for additional details and data downloads.

The Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service continues to partner with you to provide the market intelligence and analyses to assist you as you develop concrete business strategies and solutions.

Stay tuned as we introduce more innovative features of the Carbon Blast, the latest addition to the Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service.


About Jacobs Consultancy 

Jacobs Consultancy Inc. has served the petroleum, petrochemical, chemical, natural gas, and aluminum industries since 1957 with supply/demand and pricing forecasts of energy, chemical, and carbon products. Our approach to forecasting is based on extensive real world industry experience and contacts, supplemented by the use of sophisticated computer models. This combination permits simultaneous consideration of the many economic and technical factors and the impact of government regulations that influence product costs, supply imbalances, and market pricing. The result is an overall outlook where all the pertinent factors are presented on a consistent basis.

Additional Studies

Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly (PCQ) - Authoritative, objective analysis for the petroleum coke industry through monthly, quarterly, and special supplementary reports.

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Anne McPhee (Group Director, Carbon Group)


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