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The Carbon Group 




Rick Mena (Group Manager, Carbon Group)

Group Manager of the team responsible for all aspects of Jacobs Consultancy's petroleum coke work.  This includes Jacobs Consultancy's on-going multi-client products, the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ) and Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service, annual Petcoke Conferences, and single-client fuel-grade and calcined petroleum coke studies.  Rick has direct experience as a petroleum coke market analyst, as well as a business development leader in upstream, downstream and petrochemical markets.



Pradeep Pandya (Manager)

Mr. Pandya is a senior professional with experience in the management of domestic and international projects for gas processing, NGL recovery and processing, and oil and gas production facilities; strategic planning and budgeting; and market planning and analysis. Mr. Pandya has conducted/led numerous petroleum coke marketing and pricing studies.



Yasmin Brown (Manager)

Responsible for single client calcined petroleum coke studies. She is the primary editor of the Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service, and contributing editor to the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ). Additionally, Ms. Brown is involved in the research and sales effort for both subscription services, and regularly interfaces with clients who require information on the calcined petroleum coke markets. Prior to joining Jacobs Consultancy, Ms. Brown's roles at Jacobs included process engineering, project engineering, project management, quality management, and business development.



Ben Ziesmer (Senior Consultant)

Responsible for preparation of Jacobs Consultancy's Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ), with in-depth background in the power sector, including experience in procurement, operations, environmental compliance, and engineering. He has been the project manager for numerous studies involving the fuel grade petroleum coke market including Jacobs Consultancy's High Sulfur Petroleum Coke Study.



Frank Wilson (Senior Consultant)

Frank Wilson brings years of experience and an in-depth knowledge of the petroleum, chemicals, and energy industries to the Carbon Group. He is a contributing author for the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ) and is involved with single-client studies of the global fuel-grade and anode-grade petroleum coke markets. Prior to joining Jacobs, he was a Petroleum Coke Marketing Manager for ExxonMobil.



Alisa Allen (Consultant)

Alisa Allen is responsible for all aspects of Jacobs Consultancy's services related to the calcined petroleum coke (CPC) industry, in particular, Jacobs Consultancy’s multi-clientCalcined Petroleum CokeReport©. She is a contributing author to Jacobs Consultancy’s flagship publication, the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ) and single-client studies related to both green and calcined petroleum coke. She specializes in following and analyzing supply/demand trends, import/export trade patterns, and price trends for both calcined petroleum coke and calcinable-grade green petroleum coke.



Amanda Barela (Consultant)

Amanda Barela is an experienced market research analyst & consultant with over 8 years of comprehensive refining industry experience. Amanda evaluates market conditions, trends, and industry-specific solutions to assist clients in their navigation of the refining landscape. Her long-term market outlooks and strategies guide organizations in their capital planning efforts.

Amanda is also a contributing author to Jacobs Consultancy’s flagship publication, the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ). Her technical experience includes linear programming and optimization.  Amanda has a Master of Science in  Chemical Engineering from Texas A&M University – Kingsville.



Annie Nguyen (Consultant)

Annie Nguyen is a  Consultant and is a key contributor to Jacobs Consultancy’s flagship publication, thePace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ), following and analyzing green and calcined petroleum coke export trade patterns.  In addition, she develops weekly financial reports, quarterly forecasts, and budgeting for the Houston office. Prior to joining the Carbon Group, Annie worked in the Quality Department and was a Facilities Manager for a large major capital project.




Vashdev Arthur (Senior Analyst)

Joined Jacobs Consultancy in December 2007. Vashdev is a contributing author for the Pace Petroleum Coke Quarterly© (PCQ) and the Calcined Petroleum Coke Subscription Service. His other responsibilities include developing and maintaining databases relating to petroleum coke and coal tar pitch; and contributing articles appearing in the Petroleum Coke News Update. Additionally, he provides support for petroleum coke related single-client assignments.



Holger Dewald (European Representative)

Specializing in all aspects of fuel-grade, anode-grade, calcined petroleum coke and coal tar pitch in European, Middle Eastern, and other markets. Prior to joining Jacobs Consultancy, Mr. Dewald worked in the long range planning department (desulfurization studies for distillate) at Esso-Karlsruhe, refinery expansion projects at Exxon Research, and coke marketing for Esso Europe.



Jeannette Stone (Subscription and Conference Coordinator)

Executive assistant responsible for ongoing study invoicing, sales inquiries, and coordinating general Group activities. 

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